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Twin Cities Premier Full Service Towing Company


44 Years Experience

  • Nationally Certified Towing Operators
  • Light, Medium & Heavy Duty Towing
  • Local and Long Distance Towing
  • Motorcycle/Snowmobiles/ATVs
  • Illegally Parked/Abandoned Vehicles (No Cost To Property Owners)
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Equipment Hauling


Latest Towing Equipment & Technology

  • Trucks of Every Size and Ability
  • Modern Equipment
  • Professional Trained Operators
  • Superior Fleet Maintenance and Job Readiness
  • Immediate Response and Truck Routing For The Fastest Possible Assistance
  • Easy Payments


We’re Here To Help

Our drivers are courteous and thoroughly trained professionals ready to serve you.

Whatever the time or where ever the place, if you need a vehicle towed give us a call and we’ll be there to help you.

We work 24/7.

We are your commercial accounts experts!

If you are a local business or a repair facility, or have a large fleet,  don’t hesitate to call. Sign up today and take advantage of the benefits that having an account with us offers.


Why use North Suburban Towing?

  • Get an immediate response when you call us!
  • Our 23 radio dispatched units are standing by to help you!
  • Dispatchers and certified towing operators on standby 24/7. We are a professional towing company with ETA’s on average ranging from 15-30 minutes.

  • Once a call is dispatched to North Suburban Towing, you can take comfort in knowing that we will handle the rest, from communication with your customer to the safe delivery of disabled vehicles.

  • We specialize in the unwelcomed recoveries many average providers are incapable or unwilling to do.

  • We have multiple secure overnight storage facilities to hold vehicles for future delivery.

  • We carry the mandated insurance requirements for the towing industry in the State of Minnesota.