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Each day we transport vehicles and equipment for our customers throughout the five state regions.  Generators to containers, all terrain fork lifts, our versatile equipment and specialized personnel are ready to meet your needs.

Heavy equipment and vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why North Suburban Towing maintains a versatile fleet of transportation equipment to handle any relocation challenges that comes our way. Our fleet includes flatbeds, Landolls, Lowboys and heavy duty tow trucks, we know we’ll be able to match your need with the ideal piece of transportation equipment.

When transporting heavy equipment or oversized vehicles, the experience and skill of the operators makes the difference. Our heavy duty personnel are more than just operators, they’re specialists who are intensively trained in the proper technical and safety procedures to ensure your asset is handled correctly

  • Local and long distance transport
  • Versatile fleet of equipment
  • Landoll Trailers
  • Flat-bed fleet
  • Emergency Service 24/7
  • Construction equipment transport


  • Experienced in specialty equipment