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Rotator Services Offered:

Our 75-ton rotator has a boom that can rotate 360 degrees and has a capacity of 150,000 lbs. The rotator looks and operates similar to a crane, however, there are occasions that using a rotator vs a crane is a better choice. For instance, our rotator can setup inside buildings, work in tight quarters, and perform heavy lifting jobs that may be more difficult for a crane to do.

rotator service

Other services we offer with our rotator are:

  • Crane Service
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery loading and off-loading
  • Setting of generators and compressors
  • Trailer stacking and unstacking
  • Machinery and equipment lifting, setting
  • Construction equipment recovery
  • Many other services within the construction industry that lifting, winching or recovery may be needed.
  • licensed, bonded, and insured

Heavy Duty Services offered:

We have the equipment, experience and knowledge to handle any job that comes our way.

image of lift truck inside building

Below is a list of our most popular services that we offer on site with your truck or at one of our locations.

  • Truck Decking & Un-Decking
  • Load Shifts
  • Load Transfers
  • Cargo Offloading
  • Cargo Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Forklift Service
  • Pallet Jack Service
  • Hand Truck Service